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IVR/IT Solutions: How We Work, How You Benefit

Ashergroup offers a complete range of services required to identify and deliver database-driven IVR, web, and mobile phone information solutions that help you transform your business. Our primary focus is on helping our client companies become fully responsive to their customers' needs - resulting in increased customer loyalty, retention, and profits. Our second focus is on helping companies capitalize on the value of their accumulated infrastructure, data and knowledge. 

We specialize in assisting clients create and extend Call Center, Customer Relationship Management, and e-Business solutions using packaged applications, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and custom-developed solutions.

Knowledge is Power, Knowledge Management is 'Business Power':

Focusing on the need to quickly discern the scope of e-Business applications, Asher's senior business consultants begin by helping our clients identify, validate, and align their business objectives with functional application requirements.

We work closely with our customers to examine existing work flows, database structures, and legacy systems to determine the impact of applying new technologies to improve the business processes.

Once we have scoped the engagement, a Project Execution Plan is created which emphasizes resources, schedules and costs. Our consultants architect a solution that ensures interoperability and extensibility, and then work with our developers to rapidly construct a prototype that demonstrates feasibility and functionality. We develop a migration strategy and then build a solution that works for your company.

Typical deliverables include:

Systems requirements & software functional specification
Conceptual application design (workflow concepts)
Data model, Process model for interaction with other systems
Larger systems include queuing model or stochastic simulation
User Interface Designs
Project Execution Plan (resources, time, costs)
A working system prototype
Benefits (ROI, Cost Justification, Total Cost of Ownership)

With Asher IVR/IT Solutions, you can be better positioned for follow-on implementation having a practical, working prototype and plan that outlines the work-breakdown structure and associated costs needed to deliver a complete solution.

Examples of Asher IVR/IT Solutions:

Computer Telephony Systems Integration

When it comes to linking front office applications with back office data - Asher provides the "glue". Fully capable of integrating your e-Business systems with your call center or phone networks, we are familiar with how to make unify your data so that your customer care systems are Automated load testing of Call Centers using components of our toolkit.

Custom Applications Development

At Asher we design and incorporate front office applications with back office data - combining CRM and web applications with phone networks and Call Centers so that our clients can service their customers (internal and external) more readily using automated technology. Our solutions employ a variety of digital and analog telephony interfaces (T1, IVR, ATM, PBXs, Dialogic, etc.) on diverse platforms (NT, Solaris, Unix/Linux), using the latest computer and telephony technologies to provide complete solutions (Java, C++, JSP, ASP, CT-ADE (Parity/VOS), Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and SQL Server).

Total Project Responsibility:

Asher's project management professionals take total project responsibility in carrying a project from concept through to deployment.

Finally, we leverage our domain expertise in computer telephony and our rapid development CT toolkit to provide customers with solutions which meet their time-critical market needs.

In a world where fast turn-around is essential to winning business, this is critical, and Asher is able to provide the answers for enabling your business to present "one face to the customer".

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