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Load Testing Your Telecom System, Call Center or IVR:

Are you sure that your telecommunication system has enough capacity?

Are you paying too much for excess capacity?

If your IVR were saturated, are you certain you would have enough total resources to maintain a fast response for your callers?

Does your call flow require resources that are not under your control?

Do your callers experience strange behavior that's difficult to explain?

If you care about measuring and improving the quality of your telecom services, our proven analytical methods are just what you need.

High Volume Call Generation - We can push high volumes of traffic directly through to your IVR or call center, simulating real-world callers, including randomized inputs and timeouts.

Complex Queuing Analysis - Our mathematical modeling provides you with accurate forecasts of how many ports each of Telephony, Live Operators, ASR and other critical resources you need in order to provide your callers with a predictable Quality of Service.

Stochastic Modeling - This is what separates the dilettantes from the experts. Most of the more interesting systems and problems can not merely be modeled with simple queues. They require simulations that produce statistical results. And this is where we at the Ashergroup shine. We have the people and the tools necessary to model the most complex systems to provide you insights that are critical to solving the most difficult problems with your IVR, web, and database systems.

Load Simulator - Our proprietary Load Simulator is a full scale Telco/multi-T1 simulator that can be tied directly to your own IVR or PBX, providing clocking and simulating T1, E1, ISDN/PRI, and most digital switch interfaces. This can provide heavy loading without incurring line charges.

If you need it done and don't see it here, Contact us: We've probably done something similar and if we haven't we'll figure out how.

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