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Specialists in CT-ADE®:
With over 9 years of experience developing telephony applications with CT-ADE®, from when it was Parity®VOS®, to Dialogic®, to Intel® and now Envox®, we are able to maintain and troubleshoot your existing IVR system and adapt it to new technologies, such as VoIP, ASR, and TTS, at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Why discard your substantial investment when there is plenty of value it can provide?

Asher Improvements over CT-ADE Available Today!

Non-blocking database RLL - no more making the customer wait an indeterminate amount of time while the IVR waits for a database response. One exclusive non-blocking DB-RLL is scalable and provides a remarkably better experience for the caller.

Credit Card/Merchant Bank RLL - easily add credit card transactions to your call flows. Our Credit Card RLL handles all aspects of the transaction, from account verification to the debit.

TTS RLL - Add Text To Speech to your applications. Our engine will read most any text and speak it to the caller. Scalable for high volume applications.

Automated Name/Address Capture - Wouldn't you like to know who's calling without having to ask a question, record the answer, or have the caller enter an unmemorable PIN? We work with the leading providers of reverse telephone number lookup databases in the country to provide your IVR application a name and address based on just the caller's ANI (callerID).

If you need it done and don't see it here, Contact us: We've probably done something similar and if we haven't we'll figure out how.

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